The Increase to Fame (Matthew Mcconaughey)

Matthew Mcconaughey Oscar recipient aged 44 years of age from

Uvalde, Texas United States was the youngest of 3 siblings. He soon began his

career in 1991 by featuring inside the Texas Austin newspaper because the Austin

American statesman. He gained popularity by his famous

line, “How else are we gonna match my ‘Horns?” this

was a direct experience of his Texas

Longhorns teams which he supported throughout his earlier years. He was casted

in to the film Dazed and Confused, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Unsolved Mysteries

the telly series. His biggest break came in 2006 where he played the role

of your lawyer inside the 1996 film “A time to kill.” Through the late 1990’s he

starred and played numerous roles in “Contact and Amistad the series.”

Noisy . 2000’s he was

successful for his roles in romantic comedies.

The “wedding planner” and “How to lose someone in ten days,” both were box

office hits. In The year 2005 Matthew starred inside the movie Sahara, where he

recounted his previous experiences of sailing over the Amazon and trekking

through Mali in Western Africa. He was also admired for his achievements by Peoples

Magazine and rated as “The sexiest man alive, 2005.” In 2006 Matthew met

Brazilian model Camille Alves. In December 2011 they received engaged and later in

2013 get married to in Austin Tx where they currently reside, in the private

Catholic Ceremony.

The year 2013 sprung many

surprises for Matthew Mcconaughey, after moving back to Dallas Texas he played

the role of Ron Woodroof inside the movie Dallas Buyers Club. The movie was highly acclaimed and earned him

many acting awards ones was the Matthew Mcconaughey Oscar for best actor in

the Drama category along with earning him an academy award for best actor. It

was a great deal of efforts and dedication needing to lose 47 pounds ahead of the


At the 86th Academic awards, Matthew Mcconaughey Oscar to find the best overall

actor inside the movie Dallas Buyers Club, while his co-star Jarred Leto won the

award to find the best actor in the supporting

role were two major milestones inside the film industry. This is actually the first-time

since 2003 the place that the movie has acquired both awards for best actor and finest

actor in the supporting role since movie Mystic River released in 2003. The

Movie also won awards for best makeup artistry and also received nominations

to find the best film. At the end of 2013 he starred with Woody Harrelson in

HBO’s 2014 series “True Detective. “ By

March 2014 the complete box office grossed over 32 million dollars when compared to the

budged of 5 million dollars. In addition to acting Matthew Mcconaughey started the

“ Just keep living foundation, “ that’s deal

with helping teenagers make a good

decisions and live healthy lifestyles, turning them into great people in the

future. This is the perfect example of the way dedication and hard work can yield

positive results. With efforts and dedication it is all totally possible and

Matthew Mcconaughey is one kind of those individuals who continue to inspire others

plus a mentor that leads not merely lead by example but further attests towards the

undeniable fact that anything can be done if you really set proper effort into it.