Development and make use of of Web Applications is increasing anddiversifying anyway as development technologies widen in scope to satisfy thedemands of system developers and users in the changing world.

New languages are now being unveiled daily in addition to betterversions, frameworks and libraries. An example is JavaScript which includes givenbirth to Ajax, JavaScript libraries and Frameworks.

This all has allowed the enhancement of web applications tomany features e.g. an attractive buyer experience through design, dynamicand powerful back-end functionalities as encountered in eCommerce webapplications.

Nevertheless doesn’t go without its cons. Even as we lookperfectly into a more incorporating outlook during web applications, issues likesecurity continue to baffle system developers and concern potential customers ofthese applications.

Web applications, as with any other software, are majorly aboutinformation and knowledge transfer. This may definitely require potential customers todevelop trust. The burden falls on the system developers so that you can presenta perfect system in terms of security.

At what stage shouldsecurity testing be done?

System security testing has usually been placed as the laststep of development however in essence, security testing ought to be done uponfinishing of code snippets and modules so that you can detect conceptual orpractical flaws in the system and deal with them. That is in both front-end andback-end stages of development. Hacking was majorly completed by back-endvulnerabilities but now the interface can also be a threat to system.

Another period to complete tests are after finishing of majormodules or webpages because you test the flow of knowledge from page or code unit toanother. This will assist detect data flow anomalies that hackers can manipulate.

The next stage of security tests are before deployment ofthe device where you are required to subject it with a real-life situation andkeenly find out how it behaves and then any vulnerabilities to cope with.

The final time is after deployment during the period whenthe device is in use. At this point security testing must be donefrequently since it is tough to detect all anomalies andvulnerabilities during the three stages stated earlier.

What exactly expressed above may appear unnecessary or tediousto employ speculate stated, web security is key in developing user trust. Somein the attacks hackers do include cookie poisoning and cross-site scripting tohijack sessions or identity theft, SQL injection to govern and obstructdatabase data, etc.

Are mainly more reasons why you need to test thesecurity of one’s web applications.

Cuttingbudget costs on maintenance, fixing and debugging

One of the most dangerous and dear system flaws are the typescaused by a security issues. Big companies and corporates choosing a lump sum largechunks of vital information to malicious hackers and hacking tools as some havebeen used in very compromising situations in terms of privacy.

System recovery and fixes are quite costly and testing yoursystem earlier may help prevent lots of malicious practices hence saving oncost.

Maintainingthe privacy and integrity of users data

As mentioned previously, Web Applications involve exchange ofpersonal information e.g. bank card number, current email address, etc. In order to retainusers, you need a system that ensures that their details are uncompromisable andnot capable to be interfered with.

Avoidloss of data

Beyond maintaining data integrity, you will need to makecertain that your system can effectively store data and provide access of knowledge to theintended users.

Some hackers and hacking tools are certain to get into your system anddelete stored data completely. This could be avoided with prior security testingto ensure that they won’t illegally penetrate on your system.

Earn usertrust and enhance marketing

The slightest suspicion of vulnerability without evidential assurancein the contrary can bring about users withdrawing while using your web application.Alternatively, when a product is well secured, users develop trust and so theyis not going to mind referring and alluring other users on your application. Trust isworking for organizations being a major marketing device. Bloggers andreviewers may help build or destroy your system for the way they gauge yourweb application and reveal it.