An annual maintenance contract or AMC is an agreement between companies and customers detailing the care and maintenance of specific products, machineries, and other items in the customers possession. As suggested by its name, anything runs for any 12 month using the details of the upkeep deftly covered from the contract.

Writing an AMC

When writing an AMC, you will need to note there are several types available today. It might include comprehensive annual labor, labor only, or labor and spares. The AMC template and contents are listed below:

Acknowledgement of the service company over their responsibilities on the client company.
Specifying the starting and ending date when the contract remains effective.
Bulleted listing of maintenance services provided by the company for example labor and supplying spares.
Treatment of said parts and labor. For instance, anything may specify that any spares is going to be paid for separately.
Frequency of scheduled checks and maintenance within the year. Typically, checks are carried out every 3 months with calls made in between for repair purposes. Aforementioned might be taught in contract.
Some time to days when the clients are willing to provide service.
A summary of the company machineries or equipment taught in maintenance contract.


Anything format is usually in full block form so that it is quite easy to do. Among a maintenance contract is:

I, Mr. ABC shall maintain and repair the different equipment owned and utilized by Company XYZ specified under this agreement. This contract shall remain enforced from October 12, 2014 to October 12, 20015 under the following terms and agreement:

Terms and Agreement

Quarterly checks and maintenance
Any spares ordered is going to be at the mercy of separate fees
Service is going to be provided between 8AM to 5PM throughout the weekdays.

The service covers the repair and maintenance of the equipment listed in the attached document. etc.